Tribal Nation Insurance

Offering Superior Solutions for Sovereign Nations and Their Commercial Enterprises Cardenas Insurance Services, Inc is committed to serving those in areas where we have deep knowledge with our understanding of the unique risk profile that Tribes represent due to sovereign status. Your organization can protect itself with Personalized Insurance and Risk Management Programs based on the key principles of self-governance and tribal sovereignty. Our focus is to tailor cost-effective risk management and insurance solutions for Tribal operations. We offer insurance solutions, and risk management, loss prevention and claims advocacy to help ensure the protection of your Tribal Community and Commercial Assets.

Cardenas Insurance will educate you on what is possible in risk management to give you more control over your finances and reputation while holding sovereignty and self-governance paramount. Our team members have more than 25 years of experience serving the insurance and risk management needs of tribal risks. Cardenas aggressively advocates for you, educates you about your options and empowers you to make financially sound decisions regarding your insurance purchases and risk management.

We will assist with your Commercial, Property, Auto or Worker Compensation along with Tribal Benefits for your government and enterprises.