HR Technology & Benefit Administration

Cardenas Insurance Services, Inc will streamline your Benefit Administration and allow you to sync HR Process, along with keeping you in compliance and generate important reports.

HR professionals are faced with reporting, recruitment, and regulation in today’s landscape.

Increasingly, employers are seeking integrated solutions that feed data seemingly from one component to the next and enable the mobile workforce.

Our technology enables engagement through Easy Access to information and direct communication with your workforce.

Technology can help ensure compliance despite complexity.

Leverage Existing Data

Set up employees once and their information syncs access through entire system.

Mange HR online makes it easy for you and employees to follow company policies.

Stay Compliant

Measure and track variable hour employees and generate signature-ready IRS forms to ensure the coverage you offer meets IRS affordability guidelines.

Payroll Integration

Our system integrates with top tier payroll providers so you can keep benefit deductions and demographic information in sync. Decrease duplicate data entry by setting up new employees in only one system.


Create and send offer letters, ensure completed W-4s and I-9s, and digitally collect signatures for policy documents.

Today’s executive understands keeping employees engaged and informed leads to higher productivity and lower turnover. The good news is that technology can help both employees and HR Staff.

Better Decisions

Technology helps your employee make smarter decisions with co-pays, coverage, SBC’s, and real cost at their fingertips.

Faster Enrollments

Employee only enter their information once and digitally sign enrollment forms.

24/7 Access

Employees can access via web, mobile, or iOs and Android app to view important details all year-round with one single log-in.